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Know about the EDI Documents

An EDI record is involved data components, sections and envelopes that are arranged by the guidelines of a specific EDI standard. 

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When you make an EDI record, for example, a buy arrange, you should stick to the strict organizing principles of the standard you are utilizing. These principles characterize precisely where and how each snippet of data in the record will be found. That way, when the EDI informations on the accepting PC peruses an approaching EDI buy arrange, it will immediately comprehend where to discover the purchaser's organization name, the buy arrange number, the things being requested, the cost for every thing, and so forth. At that point, that data will be encouraged into the beneficiary's structure section framework in the best possible inward arrangement without requiring any manual request passage. 

The realistic underneath demonstrates an example buy arrange in printed frame and how it would look once it's converted into the ANSI and EDIFACT EDI positions.
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