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CanLift Equipment: Providing the Best Lift Equipment

Canlift is one of the biggest independently-owned lift equipment rental and sales companies in Ontario, Canada and offers scissor lift for rent. It is a family-owned and operated company and we are proud and confident that it remained that way even today. Although we have humble roots, we have a vast partner network of lift equipment companies is littered all over North America. This allows us to be able to provide a wide array of products at the best possible price with impeccable services. We highly value customer satisfaction. This is due to the fact that it is one of our goals here at CanLift to build long-lasting relationships with each of our client. So expect nothing but the best. Visit for more information!

Furthermore, we fully service equipment whether you purchased it or it's a rental. This is because we care about the performance of our equipment as well as ensure your safety whenever you are using our products. Not only that, but we also carry all the top brands of aerial work platform lift equipment that are ready to be rented out or purchased. If you are ever in need of lift equipment, reach out to our amazing equipment rentals and sales team today.

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