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Olivia Chad
Calgary, Alberta *******
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Calgary's Home Builder Specializing in Luxury Homes

District Homes is a Calgary renovator specializing in luxury homes and Calgary renovations. This is known as the premiere custom home builder and renovator. Offering full service turn key solutions for projects of any size and complexity. Their passion is to produce quality craftsmanship, intuitive design and prudent financial management. They simply work to bring life to their client’s vision. When it comes to building a custom-home, they make sure to deliver an outstanding service. They have an extensive experience which make them ideal for this type of projects. They will be consistent in providing quality craftsmanship from start to end. Their client’s home is always their top priority. When it comes to renovation project, they are dedicated in embracing challenges with creativity and well planned solutions. Each project is assured to comply with stringent building codes, making sure that each home will be safe and done right.

District Homes came to life with an imaginative belief. Having the passion to show the highest standard of design and execution for their home builds and renovations, they simply wanted to give elegant, contemporary and timeless builds. Their vision is to provide a platform for discerning clients to be heard, understood and satisfied. Its core values is center on communication, dedication and quality through consistent growth and improvement. What sets them apart from others is their innovative solutions to complex challenges, their transparent approach to management and their flexibility in handling projects. They are simply known to be adaptable with the clients needs and demands.

(318) 603-9990
Cash Advances $50.00-$300.00!