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Kiara Wright
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Sprung: A Pioneer in Fabric Structure

Being in the service of providing Sprung building structures for more than 130 years is extraordinary. Sprung is a pioneer in fabric structure. Our longevity in this industry is our basis of quality and excellent work when it comes to any fabric materials. We have a refined process of production due to the reason that we are committed to how we do our job. Our staff’s dedication to every project that they have serves as the strength in building world-class tensioned membrane structures. We aim for excellence, innovation, and extreme client service. Customers can get a personalized service since we don’t have a distributor. Sprung makes sure that we can meet the expectations of our clients. We always exert a lot of effort. We train our staff and make sure that they are totally knowledgeable about the tools and equipment need to use. Ensuring to provide a best-quality performance to any job that we do for our clients.

Sprung Group of Companies we give importance to innovation. From 1887 until now, we aim for more advancements in order to ensure to serve our clients the best solution. The designs that we have only taken days to customize and weeks to build. We focus on the overall product: strength, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, all-weather performance, and long-term quality. We have offices around the world which helped us to reach everyone who wants to experience our services. Drop by in our different offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. You can count on us when it comes to making sure you have a flexible and durable project for your tension membrane structures.

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