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Joni Gauthier
B6, 6020 2nd Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L8
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Leading Experts in Boutique Building and Renovation

Renova Home Builders has been over 30 years as Calgary home builders and specializing in Renova Renovations. It is using the process “design-first” approach is creating a home. As boutique builder and renovator they specialize in creating projects that require expertise in design and creativity. It’s a small yet awesome team only work for the best craft and having the main goal of providing the best output for their customers. Custom renovations and full custom homes are part of their main offerings. They simply have the right expertise in providing the needs of clients. Through building and renovating homes in Calgary they have able to foster and build a sense of community in the line of the city they love.

At Renova, they always value their customers. They make sure that each client is a priority. Their clients are the heart of everything that they do. They make sure that each home design is a unique reflection of their clients. With this, they have developed a true project model reflecting what their clients value the most. They have their design-build model where they draw every single project. They also make sure that they will provide accurate estimates. Started since 1986, they know the value of hiring the best talent or people to work with each project. They also hire only qualified trades and suppliers which can meet their expectations. They also love to gather feedback from their clients as a quality control measure. They quickly work on changes as long as it is required. Renova is constantly aiming to stay as the leader in the renovation business, making sure to provide only quality finishes. Your security and safety are also at the top of their priority. The exterior and interior project cleanliness is also important to their team. Simple, bringing a vision to life.

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(318) 603-9990
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