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John Merlay
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The Best Motorcycle Shop in Calgary

It is time to break loose. If you one of us who are passionate about your rides and you want someone to take care of it just as much as you take care of it, we are your perfect partner and we have motorcycles for sale Calgary. We are Calgary Cycle City also known as CCC and we have been passionate about giving your beloved motorcycles the respect and love they deserve. For more than 19 years of passionate motorcycle care, we have built a reputation as one of the credible, well-skilled and experienced bike shop in Calgary. Regardless of whether your bike is old school or the new school, we will provide you with a quality motorcycle service and products that you need to take care of your baby. You could trust us all motorcycle services as we sell and service all makes and models. Our personalized approach allows us not only to provide your quality bike service but also help you to custom-build your bike or act as a broker to find the right bike for you. Visit for more information!

The Calgary Cycle City is located at 4507 1st SE Calgary, AB T2G 2L2. You have the convenience to access us via the LRT. Among the services we offer are fabrication, out of province inspection, salvage inspection, pre-purchase inspection, tire change, oil change, welding and plastic welding, customization, stage (1,2,3,4), total rebuilds, restoration, custom build, consignment, bike brokerage, financing, insurance claims, pick up and drop off and warranties. Whatever the motorcycle service you are looking for, we got it for you. We also products and kits to enhance performance. Likewise, we have accessories and apparel like embroidered work shirts, snapback hat, t-shirts, flannel shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweaters and different kinds of helmets to complete your motorcycle rider outfit. At Calgary Cycle City, we are always here to help you with your motorcycle needs.

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(318) 603-9990
Cash Advances $50.00-$300.00!