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State-of-the-art Structures Services Provided For You

Using the high-quality fabric structures technology of Sprung Ltd, Paragon structures assures you to build the best facilities. They will use only extremely high quality materials and individually tested using strict performance measures. Its tensioned fabric structures have proven durability in some of the most extreme climates one earth. From the hottest desert to the windiest arctic tundra and coldest mountain highland. It meets the strict Hurricane Compliance Code. Beyond technical advantages, it creates beautiful interior space which creates an abundance of light and roominess. Natural daylight, high ceilings and unique windows and doors create depth and spaciousness, and glazing walls add to the open and inviting characteristics of our ultra-functional custom fabric buildings. They assure that will provide quality, energy-efficient fabric structures. They have technical consultant which on the site throughout the assembly to monitor every project, ensuring quality which is never compromised and each tension fabric building is made according to high standards. All their fabric structures have an R-25 to R-30 energy efficiency rating which outperforms other types of construction and results in less environmental impact and lower operational costs.

Paragon Structures provides only state of the art facilities having primary focus on the best sports facilities construction and education facilities. They are deeply passionate to deliver modern and environmentally friendly, state of the art solutions at a fraction of the cost of the conventional methods employed in many in many building sectors. They will help you handle your project from start to handover. In every project that they have created, they assure that they will only deliver the highest benefits: with the highest EPC ratings, low ongoing running and maintenance costs, superior natural light. Rapid build time, can be integrated into environment and with thousands of custom designed adaptations.

(318) 603-9990
Cash Advances $50.00-$300.00!